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.: About The Saints Drum & Bugle Corps. 1967-1978
.: See The Saints Story

We are searching for lists of members / instructors / board members for the following years:
1967, 1968, 1969 and 1975. If you have either Music in Splendor or Flying Silks programs from any of those years, other types of membership lists (dues lists etc), or a very good memory (to create lists from scratch), please contact JoAnne Parente or Rocky Chiocchi. Thanks!


Music In Splendor

1970 Music In Splendor Woodbridge High Stadium New Jersey

1971 Music In Splendor Woodbridge High Stadium New Jersey
1972 Music In Splendor Woodbridge High Stadium New Jersey
1972 Music In Splendor Members Woodbridge High Stadium NJ
1973 Music In Splendor Woodbridge High Stadium New Jersey

Flying Silks
1971 Flying Silks
1973 Flying Silks
1975 Flying Silks

News / Press Release /Other
Member Rules 1970
Press Release 1973
Saints Guard DCN 1974
Worth Ake News 1974
Tag Day Application 1974
NOISE 1974
NJA All Chap Tab Sheet 1975
Mrs. Fastuca's Famous Meatballs
Drummin' It up in The Kitchen Grace Antol 1976
The Saints First Reunion by: JoAnne Parente
Work Weekend Schedule
Michael Boo's Fanfare Column on Michael Boo's Fanfare column on
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About us

The Saints Drum and Bugle Corps, Fords NJ, was organized by Raymond Chmieleski and held its initial registration on May 23, and 24, in 1967.

The first rehearsal was held on July 21, in 1967 in Our Lady of Peace Cafeteria, the same location as the initial registration. Prospective members at the time were all inexperienced and had the option of joining the horn line, drum line, color guard, or twirlers.

Due to the size and age of some of the applicants, as well as lopsided registration into the drum line and color guard, members were repositioned where the needs of the corps and the abilities of the person were best met. By the third rehearsal, the “Little Guard” was formed.

Practices continued weekly throughout the winter with the drummers in the cafeteria stockroom, the twirlers on the stage, the Horn Line toward the front of the eating area, the Big Guard in the rear, and the Little Guard along the side aisles. Dues were 75 cents weekly, and every other Friday meant another newsletter boasting of progress made in the order of uniforms and equipment, or with a brief biography of one of the Board members.

With the arrival of Spring in 1968, the Saints were ready to go public. The corps attended Mass in uniform the morning of the first parade, and then proceeded to Clara Barton School, Edison, to start the first of hundreds more parades and events.

The Corps Directors, were Raymond Chmieleski, Joseph Palasak, Ralph Fair, Joseph Rocco, Raymond Kadash, Walter Kelly and Herbert Person.

The Drum Majors were Ginny Boyle, Sue Hickey, Sue Brady, Chris Kasha, Mary Cassidy, Bob Matelski, Jane DePinto, Debbie Pajak, Mona Lisa Fiorentini, Chris Quadt, Priscilla French, Edna Tarrant, Marlene Grega and Mike Wargo.

Drill Instructors were Frank Kubinak & Ralph Fair. Colorguard Instructor was Rose and Tony Cataneo, and Horn Instructors, were Anthony "Sonny" Cataneo from 1967-1969 and Tom (Bucky) Swan & Gus Wilke in the year of 1969-1976. The Instructors for the drum line were George Lopez, Robert Peterson, George Tuthill & Walter Kelly.

The Saints were Garden State Champions in 1974. In 1975 D.C.I. Associates Finalist at U.S. Open and American International. The Executive Director of the corps was Ralph Fair.

You can read a full detail of the drum corps that was written by, JoAnne Parente.
Download the Adobe PDF file
"The Saints First Reunion by: JoAnne Parente" on this page.

Enjoy the site!

Mark (Rocky) Chiocchi


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