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.: Drumline Members 1967-1978

Drum Majors
George Lopez
Robert Matelski
Drum Major
Ginnie Boyle Walter Kelly
George Tuthill
Sue Hickey Chris Kasha Chris Quadt Edna Tarrant Jane DePinto
Mary Cassidy Mona Lisa Fiorentini Marlene Grega Priscilla French Sue Brady
    Mike Wargo Debbie Pajak  


Joey Palasak Mike Wiseman Gary Fastuca Pete Boyle Gary  Chiocchi
Pat Petrillo George Skibo Jimmy Moise Barry Andrechick Jackie Bodzas
  Bill Stokely Jay Breen John Magyar  


Jackie Bodzas Eric Meyer Mike Wiseman Dave Kadash Brad Coleman
Jimmy Moise Danny Dube Gary Deren Glen Hill Jack Foley


Peter Chesnovitz Joe Spence Robert Smith Debra Reybert Gary Kadash
  Joe Jackson Jack Soto Bernie Mastrangelo  

Bass Drums

Hugh Harkins Marty Straka Robert Smith Brian Batista Debra Reybert
Marty Guare James (Stony) Comprido Dave Kadash Gary Kadash Ronald Reeth



Bob Schwartz

  Glen Hill  

Tenors / Tenor Tom Drums
Gary Kadash Gary Fastuca Eric Meyer Jackie Bodaz Sharon Kennedy
Glen Hill Jennifer DiGaetano Kathy Peck Diane Markowicz David Lucas
    Pat Petrillo *Name Please* Marie Dahl

    Gary Fastuca    
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The Saints Hotline: (732) 649-6406

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