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.: Where are they now? Members of The Saints

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We're trying to reach as many people formerly associated with the corps as possible. If you have mailing addresses (USPS, not Internet) for former Saints and would like a website announcement mailed to them, please forward the information to JoAnne Parente. Thanks!

Saints Birthdays







Bill (Bluto) Berliner
Contrabass 1975-1977
Southern California with wife and two kids. Head of trade strategies for a Southern California-based Primary dealer, where I've worked for 11 years as a trader and research geek. Co-author of forthcoming "Mortgage-Backed Securities: Products, Structuring, and Analytical Techniques" (delivery in June 2007).

Phil Petescia
Soprano 1974
Vice President Worldwide Support Sony Electronics in San Diego.

Verne James
Contrabass 1976 & Baritone 1977
Live at the Webb Schools ( in Claremont, CA with my wife Juli and our awesome son Sean. Met Juli, who is from Orange County, CA, while performing with the Rutgers University Queens Guard Trick Rifle Drill Team at the 1980 Edinburgh Military Tattoo and moved to CA in 1981 to work on the Space Shuttle. Subsequently worked on Cruise Missile, Peacekeeper Missile, B-2 Bomber, and Automated Fingerprinting Identification Systems. Currently in charge of world wide testing for Magellan Navigation, Inc. consumer GPS devices. I enjoy digital photography and the few drum corps shows which make it to So Cal. I get to NJ about once a year. My time in the Saints was GREAT!

Glen Hill
Drumline 1975-1977
I have been an actor since 1986 lived in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Florida, St Martan, Hawawii, and now in Los Angeles. Married 8 years life is GOOD, Glad to see everybody's doing well Blessings to you all. Rocky great site it does bring back the memories.


Robert "Bobby" Brietske
Drumline 1973


Dave Brady
Soprano 1972-1976
Connecticut, Physician and Professor. Director of Human Nutrition Institute, University of Bridgeport. Married to Stacey with 1-year old son Ian and another one on the way. Still love to play music and drive fast cars! Thanks for the site Rocky!

Robin Humcke Bogner
Mellophone 1974-1975
I am married with two grown children, teach and do research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

Dave DeAndrea
Solo Soprano 1972-1977
After leaving the Saints, I marched in the Sunrisers from 1979-1984. I joined the Navy in 1986 and will retire after 22 years in March 2008. I am married with 2 children living in Ledyard, CT.
Hard to believe-huh!



Raymond Chmieleski
Founder, Organized & Directed
It was my brainchild since I can remember
RETIRED @ 3628 Lazy Lake Dr South Lakeland FL 33801-6200 Relax fish read take it easy one day at a time. My wife and I just celebrated our 55th, wedding anniversary , and reminisced about the times we spent our wedding anniversary's with the Saints , at the contest , and other events. We now have three grandchildren, 2 completed college & 1 has 1 year to go. We enjoy life in Florida, but do miss and talk about the good times, organizing The Saints at our dinner table in Fords, GOD, that was a long time ago!!!.

Jim & Kim (Mega) Trimblett
Kim Colorguard Jim Baritone Kim 1970-1976 Jim 1971-1976
We have been married for 25 years and have 2 kids, Laura 15 and Alex 12. Jim is still a Jeweler and I manage the commercial properties that we own. We spend our weekends at our vacation home on the intercostals and enjoy boating, fishing and the beach.

Sandy Inderwies
Colorguard 1974-1977
Living in Naples Florida, married 17 years, 2 beautiful children Sean (11) Meagan (7). Still best friends with Valerie & Wayne Fair who lives 10 minutes from me. What a great website and wonderful memories.

Jim DiGaetano
Baritone, phase III 1967-1972
I've lived in the Daytona Beach Florida area for the past 28 years. Our entire family was involved with the Saints from the very beginning. My mom was on the board of directors and we were all members at one time. We all live in this area, accept for my sister Jen who lives in Georgia. I am married for 6 years and I have 2 sons, Jacob 4 and Jesse 9 months.

Connie (Chmieleski) Sauchelli - Susco
Colorguard 1967-1972
I moved from Fords after i got married & lived in Beach Haven NJ until 2 years ago when I moved to Ft. Myers Beach. I have one 26 year old daughter Gina. After being a stay at home mom and a bartender, I now work as a guard for an armored car company.

Christine (Kris) Chiminitz
Colorguard 1967-1971
I moved to Florida in 1973. Got married, had 2 kids & divorced 26 years later. I was working as an Administrative Assistant for a financial planner, but have in the last 2 weeks changed jobs. I am now in a Dermatologist Office.
This is fantastic to have this website.

Mrs. Alvina Chesnovitz
Board of Directors 1967-1977
Living in New Smyrna Beach, Florida for the past 17 years. Love it.

Valerie Fair
Colorguard 1970-1977
I've been living in Marco Island, Florida for the past 16 years and I am currently the Office Manager for a Beach Front Condo. My brother Wayne lives on the Island and so did my father Ralph up until he passed away in 2005. I am still best friends with Sandy (Inderweis) Hurley who lives 10 minutes from me. My Father was the one who got us all involved in the Saints, my sister Dawn, my brother Wayne, my sister Jill, and myself to keep an eye on us. Ralph never got the marching thing out of his system and continued to judge High School Band competitions up north. His last judging assignment was 2 months before he passed away. God Bless Him.....
Rocky --Thanks for the great website and all the memories....

Wayne Fair
Soprano 1972-1977
I've been living in Florida since 1988 and have been living in Marco Island in Fl for the past 16 years. I am the Head Maintenance Mechanic for a Country Club/Golf Course on the Island.

Denise Lopez
Colorguard 72-76
Living in Tampa Florida. Have two children, one in the Marines in Iraq 25 years old and married and my youngest is 16. Working at Latam Restaurant as a coordinator for special functions.

Mike Chesnovitz
Soprano 1967-1978
Moved to Royal Palm Beach, Florida in 2003 with my wife Robin and 15 yr old daughter Molli. I am the Controller for a platinum level Golf and Country club in Jupiter ( We enjoy the beach, dining out and many of the other things that South Florida has to offer. I miss you all and hope to see you soon at the reunion.

Cathy Meyer
Hornline & Colorguard 1973-1976
I am married and have three boys. (14,13 AND 8). I live in Sarasota, Florida. Life is good!

Allison (Pehlert) Knapp
Colorguard 1974-1976
I took my daughter to volleyball practice and the h.s. band was practicing in the parking lot. Boy the memories came back like a crashing wave. I live in Sarasota, I manage my husbands medical practice and have two girls in H.S. I have lived here 20+ years. Please e-mail. I'd love to talk to you again. I think FL does not have much in local competition to bad I would love to see a show again.

Donna Stratton Ellis
Hornline 1971-1976
I am married now 11 years. and my husband and I live in Ocala Fl. I am a head photo specialist in Walgreens.

Anne DiGaetano
Bus. Mgr. Coordinator, Trustee 1967-1973
We have lived in south Florida since 1973 and moved to Daytona Beach 5 years later. We have 4 children who have all belonged to the Saints. We now have 9 grandchildren.

Kathy Prokopiak
Coloruard 1967-1971
I'm retired from retail management with two college degrees -- have lost significant others due to serious illness -- am working part time at the Sundial resort on Sanibel Island in Fl and reside in Cape Coral FL.

Frank Allman, Jr.
Hornline 1969-1971
I'm married, two kids. I live in Quincy, Florida (just outside Tallahassee). I'm a lawyer. I work as a prosecutor. Before law school I worked as a police officer in Daytona Beach. Went to Florida State for law school and met my wife. We settled in Quincy and are raising a family. For fun I train for and race in triathlons, and I ride my Harley. I am amazed and delighted to find this site! Rocky has done a fabulous job. When I found it I immediately called my father, Frank Sr. and told him he had to check it out. I'm going to call my sister, Nancy, and let her know. She will love this site. This is really incredible. Thanks for all the work it took/takes to do this. Brings back a flood of memories.

Rose Cataneo
Instructor 1967-1972
Hi all, I've been living in Kissimmee FL for almost 8 years now, working at Disney Cruise Line. All good here. My dad and my brother Michael also live in Florida about 70 miles away from me. I'm still involved in the drum corps activity via Percussion Ensemble in the Central Florida area. Actually, I'm going to DCA Championship this weekend in Annapolis. Maybe I will see you there. Anyone coming to Disney, let me know. I will make time to visit with you while you are here.


Bob Matelski
Drum Line & Drum Major 1969 - 1972
I live in Suwanee, GA and have been in GA for 16 years. Currently I am a management consultant and do a lot of Sarbanes-Oxley consultant to public companies. I am also a Gospel Recording artist and have my own web site at I've written, recorded and released to radio two songs. In Feb. 07 I was told I had cancer, since than I have had surgery and the cancer was totally removed from my body, Praise God!! The recovery has been coming along great and I will be to work and singing this month. I may have put another submission on this section just prior to going into the hospital in March. Write if you like. I miss Drum Corp and many times have watched on TV.

Janet L. Matelski
American Flag 1971-1974?
I have recently moved back to GA after a four year stay in NJ. I am currently looking for employment but am with my daughter and two grandchildren. I have been divorced since over twenty years.

Jennifer DiGaetano Wehking
Drumline and Colorguard 1967-1972
I'm living and loving it in the foothills of the Georgia mountains. I've been very active showing my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in conformation competition. I've received an invitation to the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions every year but the first and have been to Westminster several times. I'm married and have two kids, 22 yr old Nina and 13 yr old Zach.

Pat (Bartfai) Brooks
Colorguard - Rifle 1967-1968
Married in '72, was an Arm wife for 19 years. Lived in Germany and several states. Two children - Shawn (6/25/72) and Kim (9/15/28). I now live in Douglasville, GA just outside of Atlanta. My son lives here and works for a liquor distributor and my daughter an Air Force wife and has been living in England for almost 7 years with my 3 granddaughters (Hannah, Caitlin & Kayleigh). I work at a local law office as an office manager since 1988.









Mary Cassidy Ryan
Drum Major 1975-1976
Friends! I was online over the holidays and stumbled upon the Saints website. I had no idea it existed. What a gift! Although most of you may not remember me, I remember so many of you! I am married with two teenage children, Caitlin (16) and Patrick (14). My husband, Mike's, ventures have relocated us from NY to Annapolis, MD, a six year stop in Texas and currently to Mandeville, Louisiana. I often think of my special times with the Saints and smile anytime I hear Duke Ellington or Sinatra's "My Way"/"Let Me Try Again". Thanks for the memories!



Terri Moon
Dancing Girls, Winter Guard (Flag) and Summer Guard (Flag/Rifle) 1974-1977
The Mountains of Western Maryland. Married to Rick Lemmert for 16 years. P/T wife and extremely tired F/T Sports mom with 3 kids - Zachary (14) Kaitlin (12) and Brady James (9). Jeez, I miss our Drum Corps family. I miss those summers. I miss the music. I miss the laughter, tears and friendships. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!


Mike Rizzolo
Drum Line Rudi base/Timpani/Snare 1975-1978
Spent 20 years with the Bell system doing systems engineering, retired in 1998 @ 41 and working as an IT Consultant networking, administrating and building custom web sites for companies and non-profits. Currently running my own consulting business.




Lois Reed
Color Guard 1975-1977
I left Jersey in Oct '86 to move to Orlando (and never looked back) :O( I met and married my ex-husband there who was a Navy Seabee. That's a whole other story in itself! We got stationed in Gulfport, MS; got divorced here; and here I stayed. My parents are gone so it's just me and my sister now. They were in Orlando, that's why I moved there. They got orders to Gulfport a year after us and her husband retired here. I just got done working for the Navy as a Civilian Federal Employee after 19 years. I'm now looking for another job! I am a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Yes, we rode the storm out; we are only about 8 miles from the gulf. That was the longest 12 hours of our lives! We sustained minimal damage, which is a miracle. I tell you what...another one comes like that, I'm out of here! I'd love to hear from everyone, so keep in touch!





New Hampshire

Eric Meyer
Drumline 1972-1975
Retired from the Air Force in 1994, work for BAE Systems in Merrimack, NH. Married to Dorothy (Thea) in 1980 and have three sons: Eric (married to Holly and living in Washington DC - also in the AF and in medical school); Steve (Junior at Boston University); and Chris (Freshman at Keene State College.

New Jersey

Mark (Rocky) Chiocchi
Solo Soprano 1968-1976
Somerset, New Jersey. Never Married; no kids. Worked as a cook for 9 years. In 1980 I had a very bad Motorcycle accident nearly lost my life. After cooking to the year 1986 got my self in the Professional Photography Field and doing it ever since. Work as a Video Editor now for New Jersey and Pennsylvania Studios, I am the sole owner of (VIDEDITS.COM
) and (THEPCWRENCH.COM) websites. Also a part time web designer and PC Tech.

Gary (Ragu) Chiocchi
Snareline 1968-1976
South Bound Brook, New Jersey. Wife Lisa and  2 kids Dana and Joey from first Marriage. Executive Chef and moonlight with oldies 70's 80's rock band.

Kenny (Pebbles) Chiocchi
First Soprano 1972-1975
Somerset, New Jersey. Divorce 3 kids Jessica, Steven and Anthony. Communication Field.

JoAnne (Marilyn) Parente
Color Guard 1967-1976
Central New Jersey, Married to Richard (Urban), no children. Management / human resources consultant and trainer.

Jim (Pic) Piccolo
The Famous Soprano's 1972-1977
Central NJ with wife (Barbara Jackson) two kids aged 21 and 17.

Marty Straka
Drumline 1972-1974
Northern New Jersey, Married, then divorced. One child, Lorianne, who is now almost 18. I live up in Northern New Jersey in Hopatcong, by Lake Hopatcong. I work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as a mortgage specilist and have been in the mortgage/finance industry since 1990.

Gary Karpinski
Drumline 1976-1977
President G&R Commodities, Vice President Bridgemen Organization Snare Drummer Bridgemen Alumni Corps. Living In Verona with 4 Children, Alex, Jessica, Rebecca and David. Married to former Conquest and Garfield Cadet Robin Mcninch Karpinski.

Maureen Fastuca
Color Guard 1974-1977
Live in Bedminster, NJ. I am a manager at AT&T.

Debbie Happel Anulewicz
Mellophone 1976-1977
Woodbridge, NJ. Married to Mark almost 25 years. 3 children. Jessica 19, Nicole 17 & Michael 13. Director Software Development @ New England Motor Freight (NEMF)

Nancy Ribinsky (Stanek)
Colorguard 1967-1975
Somerset, New Jersey. Married for 27 years have 2children a boy 23 and a girl 18. Work at St. Matthias school in Kindergarten. Have a summer home in Wildwood Crest.

Priscilla (French) Lyons
Colorguard, Drum Major 1967-1976
Still living in New Jersey, now in Jackson and married to Jim whom I left drum corps to get married to. I have 4 children boys 23, 21 both in college and girls 18, 17 in high school. All my children are involved in sports which keep me and Jim busy but we still make sure to watch DCI finals every year on TV! The Saints are the best memories of my life!

Rich (FERD) Ponik
Soprano 1974-1977
Married with 3 kids Trisha,6 Patrick,3 Amanda 1 I work at Shell oil in Sewaren, N.J. I'm still wearing Tom Swan's boot marks on my butt!

Kathy Ponik Donnelly
Colorguard 1974-1977
Perth Amboy, NJ. One son Johnathan, 27 years old and I adore Ferd's 3 kids!!! these old pics are great.

Patty Antol
Mellophone & Sematics Winter Guard 1974-1977
Currently marching with the Melrose Blackhawk's Drum & Bugle Corps. (parades & stage shows). We have seven former Saints in the corps, which is really great! I work as an administrative assistant with a civil engineering company in Warren, NJ, even though I have an honors diploma in computer technical support. I live in Piscataway with my boyfriend Ted. Never married; no kids. Spent the 80's marching with the Sunrisers and won 4 DCA titles, which was pretty cool. Parents are fine; still living in Edison, along with my brother, his daughter, and my Grandmother. Would love to see more former Saints now that we're reconnecting via this website. I saw Jimmy Moise at my brother's gig on April 14th. Very cool!

Joyce Skibo
Colorguard 1970-1972
My brother and I joined the Saints, not sure what yr. but about when they started out. Loved going to Wildwood for the parades, fell in love with Barry from the drumline and got married. have 2 girls and still live in fords, near where we practiced, by OLP

George Skibo
Drum Line 1970-1972
I am in Toms River NJ. I was in the drum line. Would like to find some people from that time. Still play the drums. Have two sets. A set of Rogers from 1972 and a mapex kit.

Denise Normandia Dube
Colorguard 1968-1976
Danny and I are married 29 years. We have 2 daughters, Kristi 26, and Kara 23. We have a grandson,Gabriel, who will be 2 in September and is the love of our lives. Still live in the same house I grew up in in Fords. I have been working for Walgreens for 22 years.

Althea Mazar
French Horn, Mellophone, Winter Guard 1967-1976
Living in South Amboy. Working as a paralegal in New Brunswick. Still involved in Drum Corps, playing mellophone with the Melrose Blackhawks, Reading Buccaneer Alumni and a few other groups, and also singing in the NY Skyliner Alumni chorus.

JoAnn Happel Domino
Colorguard 1974-1976
Living in Monroe New Jersey with husband Jim. Married 23years and have one son James 16.

Peter Crafts
Baritone 1973-1976
Manage a marina in Avalon NJ. Enjoy lots of offshore sport fishing including tournaments. Live in Cape May Court House. Married to Kim for 15 years. Daughter Amanda is 15 and step daughters Sheila 26 and Laura 21 are bartenders where else but Wildwood. Lots of fishing photos for those interested here. -

Debra Reybert (Bartlett)
Winter Guard and Drumline 1971-1975
I have been married for 27 years. I have 4 children ages 26-13 Two girls and two boys. I live in Keyport New Jersey. I manage a Hair salon in Hazlet. My mom and dad are good. MY Dad was a bus driver and quatermaster. My Mom helped repair any torn uniforms.

Darlene Stover
Mellophone & Colorguard 1971 to 1975
I live in Piscataway with my husband of 22 yrs and 21 year old daughter, Melissa, who just finished her Junior Year at Kean University in Union, NJ. For 18 years, I chose to work evenings bartending and doing Direct Sales. When Melissa graduated High School in June of 2004, I chose to go back to the Corporate World. For the past 3 years I have been working in Piscataway at Ferraro Foods where I am running the Fleet/Safety department and truly enjoy working with the mechanics and truck drivers. It was a wonderful surprise receiving the announcement in the mail today that directed me to this fabulous web site!! Taking a look at most of the photos has brought back some fun memories. I am very interested in attending a "40th" and would also be interested in helping organize. Mark, you have done and amazing job with this web site and please tell your folks I said HELLO!!!

Mark (Peanuts) Scotto
Soprano 1976-1977
I'm Single now living in Woodbridge (Colonia) NJ, I work in the IT field as a Help Desk Rep. I do own my own horn at the moment, and that reminds me I need to get a slide unstuck. Look forward to seeing ya soon. Peace!

Linda Burke Andel
Mellophone 1969-1978
Married for 20 years to Steve and have a wonderful daughter, Cailean who is 12. I work for a division of Johnson & Johnson and have been with J&J for 25 years.

Scott Inderwies
Soprano 1974-1977
Live in Brick NJ, Elizabeth NJ Firefighter.

Donna Andersch
Indoor Colorguard 1971
I am an EMT, and am currently in nursing school. Not bad for an old girl, huh?

Bill Meyer
Contra-Bass 1971-1976
Live in South Jersey with two improved versions of myself (both early 20's), ride my bike, play golf and bowl (suck at both), and mostly staying out of trouble as best I can.

Pete (Peaches) Chesnovitz
Cymbals 1967-1968 Baritone / Phase III 1968-1978
After the Saints I joined the USMC then The Reading Bucs (couldn't get marching out of my blood), Met my Wife of 25 years (Terry) in Reading (also a Baritone). We have two children (Peter 22 and Arielle 21) I currently work as a supervisor for the Postal Service in Edison. Just think a Marine and a Postal Worker (WATCH OUT). Living in Hamilton NJ. Still playing the horn in small drum corps and last year helped tech the Crossmen bari line. I love this site and check it out almost every day. Way to go guys!!!

Kathy Kleissler (Peck)
Tenor drum line 1967-1973
I've been married to a terrific guy for 26 years. We have 5 spoiled cats. I am a nurse manager in a VA medical center in New Jersey and I love nursing. I am currently going for my masters in nursing and will graduate in December 2007. I have fond memories of my time in the Saints and hope to hear from some of you!

Michael Wiseman
Drumline (Next to Fastuca I'm Proud To Say!) 1973-1975
For all those who knew me as a sporting goods retail man...all done! Life and copanies gone out of business moved me to driving a building supply/lumber truck for a living....and I love it! the only other unbelievable thing in my life, besides my time with the saints, is a beautiful 9 1/2 year old daughter keeping me real. I'll see whoever remembers me at the reunion meeting!

Chris (KMRO) Morosoff
Solo Soprano  1974-1976
Married Terri Kuderka in 1978. (still married) dated her even way back in the Saints days. 3 kids (Chris Jr.,28, Joey, 23 & Lauren 21.) Own Hawaiian Bronze Tanning in South Brunswick NJ. Also live in South Brunswick. Haven't picked up a horn in a LONG time...

Jack Bodzas
Drumline 1967-1977
Live in Hillsboro NJ with my wife and 2 children. I have not even seen a drum corps since we all walked off the field for the last time in Wildwood. But if I could go back in time, I would not change one minute of being a Saint. (although there is a judge or two I disagree with.) I make my living producing medical video programs. My free time is spent driving our kids between cello gigs and baseball fields, and just sitting on the back porch playing mandolin/fiddle. (although I still play drums with a blues trio)
Terrific site Rocky-Thanks!

Ken Durrua
Baritone 1976-1977
Living in Point Pleasant, NJ for over 20 years, married 25 years. Have one daughter aged 17, who will be a HS senior this year, she plays trumpet, piano & guitar. She also marches with our HS competition band (USSBA) which led to my position of Crew Chief for the past three years. Now I can really appreciate all the dedication and hard work those parents put in! So I still kind of have a connection to my past. I bid work for a commercial electrical construction firm and when I have free time I like to jeep off-road, surf fish and cycle. I have great memories of my (unfortunately brief) time with the corps, the members and the "beastly" bari line. I live close to my brother Bill (soprano) and sister Carol (Color Guard) and see them often. Would welcome hearing from past Saints.

Eddie (Truman) Kaylor
Baritone 1976-1978
I'm married, no kids. Live in North Brunswick. I'm a scheduler for Middlesex County Area Transportation. I joined the Saints in Sept of 1976 and left the beginning of 1978. I was known as Truman. I marched with the Melrose Blackhawks as a baritone from 1980 thru 1988 and briefly in the early 1990's.

Dawn Fair
Color Guard 1969-1976
I'm reliving my childhood and adolescent years looking at this site. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the really good and crazy times we had and realizing just how old I really am now. I wouldn't trade these memories for anything. I still live in Carteret, NJ, love spending time with my niece and nephew and than escaping to my quite place. I worked for John Hancock Insurance Company for 25 years and left 6 years ago to become the Director of Operations for a Financial Services firm in Neptune, NJ.
Rocky - what a great site - Thank You!!!

Jill Shelley (Fair)
Color Guard 1977
Married 16 years to Thomas Shelley. We have 2 beautiful children, Ryan 14 and Cassidy 6 and 3 beagles and 1 wiener dog. We all reside in Sayreville, NJ. I've been working for a scientic laboratory manufacturing company as a purchasing supervisor for the last 6 years. Some of you will only remember me as the Fair's baby sister or captain of the american section for my one any only year in the Saints.

Glenn (Twinkie) Skarzynski
Hornline/Contrabass 1977
Still in NJ. Married to Shirley, two kids Adam 18 and Hannah 6. Police Lieutenant (5yrs to go) and paramedic. Now playing bagpipes in the worlds largest KILT.

Karen Parente
Twirler / Color Guard 1967-1978
Taught indoor guard and HS Band after the corps disbanded. Have been in the Electronic Industry for 30 yrs. Currently working for Silicon Valley based Semiconductor Mfg., selling to Major/Strategic Accts. Godmother to Lisa (Maloney) Wagner's son Casey. Great friends, wonderful memories made during those Saints years - great to revisit through this site! Hello to all!

Jim (Stoney) Comprido
Drumline 75-77
Well I'm back in Fords I work for an industrial hardware company I'm 48yrs young doing a little of this and and little of that thanks Rock and JoAnne for this website brings back lots of memories.

Diane Markowicz Rossi
Drumline 1973-1978
I have 3 children, ages 22, 18 and 7. My oldest daughter just graduated college, my middle daughter is just graduating high school and will be attending college in the fall. I have been working for a utilities company as a auditor for the past 14 years.

Alan (Goober) Chesnovitz
Soprano / Phase III 1969-1977
Have been playing ever since THE SAINTS. ( Thanks SWAN ). Marched Garfield Cadets and taught after aging out. Pro trumpet player, Bon Jovi, Tower of Power, Robert Cray, concert for NY with Bowie, Clapton, Rolling Stones. Currently Trumpet player on THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. Married - 6 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 brothers. Still involved in drum corps activity. Brass instructor for The Crossmen since 2000, great times. Miss you all. What a way to try and grow up. Send some e-mails.

Cathy Person
Colorguard 1973-1977
I am married 14 years and have twin boys (Harrison and Maxwell) age 10, soon to be 11. I work in NYC in the fashion industry. We live in Shrewsbury and spend most of our time on a baseball field or at an ice hockey rink. My Mom lives with us and goes back and forth to my sister (Carolyn) in Virginia. I was amazed at this site - it is truly wonderful and has brought back such incredible memories. Thank you to everyone.

Ann Marie (Zepko) Tvedt
Colorguard 1975-1976
I'm living in Flemington. I am a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Saint Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick for the past 28 years. I am currently the nurse manager of the NICU. I have 2 children, Kristin age 20, a junior at Ramapo and Stephen age 17, a senior at Hunterdon Central.

Rene (Meyer) DeLucia
Summer CG, Saints Winter Guard (sabre), Mellophone 1972-1976
Still living in NJ "down the shore"...Married to Dennis DeLucia of DCI/Muchacho/Bridgemen Fame for 23 years...we have a 19 yr old daughter who is, believe it or not, playing #2 bass drum with the Bridgemen Alumni Corps.  For the past 13 years, I've worked in NYC for Susan Brady Lighting Design ...yes...the Sue Brady that we all marched with.  I love my job!  My latest passion is kayaking.  I still see the Trimbletts on a pretty regular basis...usually when I'm visiting Cathy in FL.  Cathy is married to a great guy and they have 3 boys. Bill is doing well & living is south Jersey.  He has 2 boys. Chris T calls me every Monday just to touch base...usually on his way to the beach to surf.  One of my most prized possessions is my "Miss Mellophone" sash that the second sopranos made me in 1975...too funny!!!  So happy this site was created...GREAT JOB!!!

Rich (Red) Wardlow
Soprano 1974-1977
I have an 18 yr old son, Name is Devan. I am still playing my horn and teach drum corps. I have been working with Tommy Breen, Skippy(Stanley Carol), and Steve Breen at their return to D&B corps out of Brooklyn, NYC. Brooklyn United I also have been a communications specialist working with Bloomberg, the United Nations and Panasonic developing their video communications network (Next Generation Communications) Mostly though I have been playing and arranging music now and play with several working bands as well. is where you can hear a simple demo of some of my music work. I am having a blast but would love to have a true saints reunion maybe even with playing involved.

Walter Karpinski
Board of Directors 1976-1977
Retired and living in Somerset, NJ

Joanne Karpinski
Color Guard 1975-1977
I live in Hillsborough, NJ with my husband (Andy) and my daughter (Crysta). I work as a marketing director for a packaging specialty company, and spend every moment that I'm not working running my daughter around to her activities (just call me soccer Mom).

Lisa (Maloney) Wagner
Rifle and Saber Line 1970-1978
I am living in Hopelawn NJ with my husband Michael and two children. I've been married for 23 years and I have a daughter, Amanda, who is 19 and I have a son, Casey, who is 16. I was happy to stay home with my children for the last 19 years, working on and off, but I am now looking to get back into the work force.

Terry Gyorfy Wooding
Colorguard 1967-1975
Working full-time for Rutgers University as an Assistant Controller in the New Brunswick / Piscataway campus. Married with two children (girls who are ages 17 and 12). Living in Metuchen.

Kathy Boumpani (Feretich)
Colorguard 1972-1977
I live in Middlesex NJ and have been married for 21 years with three boys ages 20 - 18 - 15. I work for Apgar bros in the accounting department. It was thrill to find this page as it brought back a lot of memories, some good, some great. Now I am working at Somerset hospital, I am a medical assistant and I am very happy with my job, although it could be rough at times. Just want to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, lord knows we need it, right? 2008

Marie & Bill Reybert
Parent 1975
Bill and myself are retired. We are enjoying our 5 grandchildren. Bill was a printer and I worked for 20 years at Rutgers University.

Susan Brady
Guard, Drum Major 1972-1976
Living in Montclair, NJ. Married to an architect, Mustafa Abadan with 1 son, Taner (12). Have a lighting design business in NYC; (Rene does all the bookkeeping). Love to spend time with family, ski, play tennis and watch my son play baseball and ski race. Where has all the time gone?

Karen (DeAndrea) Aldiero
Mellophone 1973-1977
Hey! I'm married, 2 kids, I live in Parlin (Sayreville) Working as a title examiner with a Title Agency in Matawan.

Dotty (Tulys) Sheedy
Colorguard 1969-1972
I will be married 31 years in Sept. I have boy-girl twins age 24 and a girl 18. I live in Hope-lawn N.J.

Tom Seeland
Baritone 1975
I am a music educator (Piscataway- 27 yrs )a college prof (some stuff huh ???) and if that isn't enough, I own a sound company. Rene (wife ) 2 boys Billy & Chris, residing in East Windsor, N.J.

Jeff Slater
Hornline 1976-1977
I live in Hamilton, NJ. I'm an Educational Representative for Music & Arts Centers.

Lori Deren
Colorguard 1974
I'm married and I live in Forked River, NJ. I have one daughter Molly and she's 13.

Thomas (Mouse) Noel
1st Soprano 1972-1976
I live in East Brunswick N.J. Middlesex Co. I work for the N.J.D.O.T. central region hq.since 1979. I have 2 sons T.J. age 12 & Anthony age 10. I'm single I'm very fortunate & blessed to have good health. I loved my experience playing & marching in the Saints Drum & Bugle.

Aaron B. Zolnowski
First Soprano 1971-1977
Hi everyone! I live in Edison, 5 houses away from where Althea lived, (and I can still hear the music from OLP; when I'm working outside my house.) Anyway I'm a Firefighter/EMT City of Perth Amboy for 23 years, and have my own const. business. I'm married 19 years to Tracy Crazy story she's from Garwood, her father was our biggest fan, and her cousin was a Muchacho. I have three children Ben 12,Cassandra 8, and Olivia 6. Can't wait to see you all. GREAT JOB ROCKY!!!!!

Carol (Hickey) Fitzgerald
Mellophone/Semantics Winter Colorguard 1973-1976(?)
I live in Hunterdon County after moving from Princeton 5 years ago and I love it here. I am married 20 years and have 3 children - 19 year old son, 16 year old daughter and a 2 1/2 year old Princess. Yes - we're crazy. I work as a Business Development Leader for the US Pharmaceutical Market and am with a company that stabilizes API"s (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and gets them through stability, through the FDA and to market launch....yeah, I know, drugs. I travel a lot and work with many people who are WAY smarter than me so I am always learning. I love the site and am looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can at the reunion!!!  Thank God some of you had the sense to take some pictures back then.

Christine Kasha-Kusion
Colorguard, Drum Major 1968-1975
I live at the beach in an old Victorian Home . I am married to my husband Peter for 22 years and have 2 great children, Kevin 13 and Kathryn 10. I retired from In-flight service with Continental Airlines in 1994, and have recently gone back to work as a hairdresser and substitute teacher. It's fun to look at the old photos, and nice to hear everyone is doing well. Hi to all!

Michael E. Matelski
Hornline l969-1972
Working for the Post Office. Four kids, one in the Army, two in collage and one in High School. Love to ride my Softale Harley.

Maureen Smith Carson
Twirler/Color Guard 1967-1970
This is a blast to see names and pictures of a major part of my childhood. My youngest son just finished his senior year of football. I have been complaining for the last 4 years how bad the color guards have been, nothing like the precision we learned in the Saints. Just celebrated my 25th anniversary. Am living in Edison and working in Woodbridge as a teacher. Have 3 children - 23, 21 and 17. Thanks Mrs. Chez. for all those rides to OLP.

Carol (Burke) Boyne
Mellphones 1967-1977
Married for over 25 years to Dave. Two children: Shannon (18) and Ryan (14). Trying to cope with having an "adult" child. Living in Robbinsville. I work for J&J in Information Technology. Trying to learn to play golf.

Mary Balderose
Soprano & Color Guard-Sematics 1973-1977
I am still single, no children **quite a few cats** hope not to be the lady at the end of the street with "40"cats, but none the less live a very happy life and living in the Edison area.

Bill Certo
Hornline Baritone 1976-1977
I am currently a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, working for AMRCON in Keyport, NJ.

Mike Hickey
Honeline Baritone 1972-1977
I'm a retired investor, living on a pension. I came home to vote in the presidential election because they wouldn't send me an absentee ballot.

Nancy (Spicuzza) Teichman
Color Guard 1967-1975
I live in Brick, NJ. I am married for almost 24 years. I am a stay at home mom with a 13 year old daughter. This web site is amazing. It brought back so many memories.

Al ( Alfie) Hankerson III
Drumline (Snareline) 1977-1978
I've been married for 20 yrs. This is my second marriage. I live in Somerset ,NJ. I have 4 boys 27, 25, 24, 23. I received a severance package from J&J after 19 yrs of service. I am now employed with Avery Dennison in Monroe NJ. Great site - Those of you that remember me. I marched from 1977-1978 in the Drumline - send me an e-mail.

Tracy Davis Peersen
ColorGuard & Semantics 1970-1975
In New Jersey, Semi-retired Sales and Marketing Exec. Widow, my husband passed in 2005. One fabulous daughter & son-in law. One amazing grandson 2 1/2 years of age. Loving the Lord, loving life.

Diane De Vestern
Hornline Soprano 1976-1978
In New Jersey Married with 3 children, I live in Brick Town.

Algie Parham
Drumline, Bass
I live in North Plainfield, NJ. I joined the Drum & Bugel Corp in 1976 and I marched in 1977-1978. I am married and I have a 28yr old son. I am a biker and a rollerskater.

Mark Mazur
2nd Baritone
Live in Perth Amboy New Jersey, currently marching with Melrose Blackhawks.

Robin Stavish (Skalla)
Color Guard
I am divorced, I have a 24 yr, old son, in 1987 I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis not in a wheelchair but not fun walking.

New Mexico

New York

Tom Breen
Soprano  1977
Brooklyn NY. Actually still active in Drum & Bugle with a bunch of Saints Brooklyn United.

Stephen Breen
First Soprano 1977
Brooklyn NY. Played First Soprano for the Saints and now with Brooklyn United.

Chris Karol Miller
Mellophone 1975-1978
I am a teacher in the N.Y.C. Dept. of Ed. I have a thirteen year-old son who plays percussion .This website is great. It brings back fond memories. Thanks.

Craig Stephens
Baritone 1976-1977
I'm no longer quite the skinny kid that earned the nickname "The Clav". I've been married for 26 years and have 8 children aged from 6-26. I currently own/operate two businesses.

North Carolina

Michelle Westbrook (Van Malden)
Colorguard 1967-1975
Happily married in North Carolina, 3 children,(2 girls, 1 boy) 24, 18, 15. Relocated from NJ in 1995 with Sealand Services. Maersk bought Sealand in 1999 - 26 years with steamship company.

Doreen Derlak (Lang)
Soprano 1972-1973
I went from living in NJ to moving to PA, where my husband & I built our miniature golf, batting cages & video arcade business to moving 4 years ago to the warmer climate of North Carolina. Hope all's going well.

Judy (Stewart) Sgammato
Guard/Mellophone/Sematics 1973-1976
Been married 26 years to Frank, we met when we marched in the Garfield Cadets. We have three terrific children Nicole (19), Gregory (15), Laura (13). Thanks for creating this website.

North Dakota


Kathy Baxter Wolf
Color Guard 1970-1974
What State Do You Live In Now? 
Living in Beavercreek, Ohio. Married to Paul from the Meadowlarks for 31 years. Have 2 children, Angela 29 and Melanie 24. I have one grandchild- Ada.




Cathy (Walters) Bondi
Hornline/Color Guard 1972-1977
I live in Newtown, Pa and have been married for 26 years. I have 3 kids and enjoy being a stay at home mom. Catch the DCI show each summer on PBS and think about all the great times and wonder what everybody is up to. Now I can read what everyone has to say. Hope all is well with each and everyone of you.

Craig Lambert
Drumline 1977
I'm driving truck now and working every day, also still playing drums in a band.

Gary Deren
Drumline Tympani/Double Tenor 1973-1975
Philly, PA I live on the Delaware River, I'm a painter by day, on the weekends I play for the Sid Miller Dance Band gigging about 60 or 70 times a year.

Art Stephens
Drumline 1974-1977
I am a mechanical contactor in NJ and currently live in the Poconos. Great website-great memories.

Brian Batista
Drumline 1973-1975
Living in the Poconos

Sandy Gigantino
Colorguard 1974-1975
Living In Bethel Park, PA (Pittsburgh).
Married for 19 years. Three kids - 14,12, & 8. Family still all lives in NJ. My brother Phil was in the Drumline.
Debbie Reybert, Maureen & Lorraine Fastuca, Dave Brady - thought about you often. Warmest thughts and wishes.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Tom & Betty Stewart
Girls Bus Driver 1973-1976
We retired to South Carolina and love it here we are still in touch with the Reybert's, Fastuca's Persons and Stephens.

South Dakota






Michael Fastuca
Drumline/Baritone 1967-1976
My initial Saints enrollment was in the Drum Line and I then moved to Baritone (1968). I left the Corps in 1976 and relocated to Virginia in what was the beginning of a very interesting career. After a tour in our main headquarters, I moved to England in 1980 where most of my time was spent traveling throughout Europe. I returned to a position in Virginia in 1983 which provided the opportunity to travel to Europe, Africa, South West Pacific and South America. I left Virginia in 1988 for Australia and returned to Virginia in 1991. I had numerous tours within Northern Virginia which provided the opportunity to visit a number of locations in the US. In 1998 I left for the Western Pacific where I spent a couple years and returned to Virginia in December 2000. I had another tour of service in the Washington, D.C. area and then retired from government service December 2001. I have since hired on as an Associate with the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

What a great time we had growing from a parade corps to a highly competitive corps in the DCI! I sure do miss that period of time. It was great to see so many of the family at the initial reunion in NJ last year and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion!

Carolyn Person Cimring
Colorguard 1975-1977
I am living in Chesapeake, VA with my husband of 19 years and have two wonderful children, Justin 14 and Sarah 10. This site is great!! Thanks for all your hard work!

Scott Davis
Soprano / Baritone 1970
Virginia 100% Biker Retired Who would have thought!

Susan Roberts
Color Guard 1977
I was lucky enough to be a member of the Saints for one year. Wish it was longer. I am divorced, living in Virginia. I have 2 grown children, Danny who is almost 25 and in the Navy, and Collin, 22, who lives with me.


West Virginia



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Saints Birthdays
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January 29: Anne DiGaetano
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February 03: Jimmy Trimblett
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February 25: Cathy Walters Bondi
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May 30: Gary Fastuca


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June 22: Diane De Vestern


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July 06: Kris Chiminitz Myers
July 07: Michael Fastuca
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July 08: Dave Brady
July 09: Eddie (Truman) Kaylor
July 11: Mr. Tony Fastuca
July 11: Bill Durrua
July 23: Bill Meyer


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August 14: Jill (Fair) Shelley
August 14: Carol (Hickey) Fitzgerald
August 20: Carol Durrua
August 24:
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September 11: Karen (DeAndrea) Aldiero
September 22: Maureen Smith Carson
September 25: Mark (Rocky) Chiocchi
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September 28: Skippy Karol


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October 09: Ken Durrua
October 12: Lisa (Maloney) Wagner
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October 18: Chris Morosoff
October 23: Mary Cassidy Ryan
October 24: Mrs. Lorraine Fastuca


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November 12: Mark (Peanuts) Scotto
November 16: Jimmy Pic Piccolo
November 16: Craig Stephens
November 17: Dave DeAndrea
November 25: Lois Reed


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December 02: Judy (Stewart) Sgammato
December 03: Rene Meyer
December 03: Peter Crafts
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